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Aloha mai kakou, (Greetings everyone)

Welcome to Tutu's Taro!

My name is Kahealani from O'ahu, Hawaii. Relocated to Kaua'i Island since 2010! I am a Tutu (grandparent) of many.  Taro (Kalo) is an indigenous plant of our ancestors.  I chose this name Tutu's Taro as a vehicle to connect the past to the present.

I am a Kahuna Ma'ema'e. 

Literal meaning of Kahuna Ma’ema’e:  

Kahuna is a secret keeper. Ma’ema’e means clean.  

It also means pure, attractive, chaste and purity.  

 Sentence examples: 

  • Ma'ema'e ka hale. The house is clean. 
  • Ma'ema'e kona na'au. She has a pure soul heart.
  • Ma'ema'e wale nō 'o Kauai. Kauai is a perfect beauty.
This word ma'ema'e speaks of a pureness that is sometimes lacking in world. Not just being physically clean and neat, but being pure and chaste inside the na'au (inner self). Have you ever met someone who radiates this in their essence? Their lives are pure, simple and they are so joyful and content. Being ma'ema'e brings this kind of peace. Peace that comes from deep within the soul. Peace that comes from living a righteous life, doing the best you can and being ma'ema'e inside and out. 

We can all achieve ma'ema'e. As we strive to do good, live pono and to make things right in our lives, we, too become ma'ema'e. 

Daily, we can all choose to live with a little more purity in our lives. Pure intentions, love in our ❤️hearts. As we live these lessons that our kūpuna (elders) exemplified, we are doing our part in making our world a better place. So to raise the po

I have lived on almost every Hawaiian island, including Las Vegas, Nevada (ninth island).  Clients know me as a semi-retired Hula Teacher. My family lineage are healers of the mind, body and spirit.  Via the spiritual aspects of the Unihipili (Inner child-Sub conscious), 'Uhane (Spirit - Conscious) and 'Aumakua (Higher self) .  Guided by personal ancestral spiritual family, personal spirit guides. 

Studied and practiced under the Master Kahuna RMK Freitas whose ancestral teachings of Pa'ao from Borabora, Tahiti!

Experienced in housekeeping. Educated and trained by Merrie Monarch's Ms. Aloha Hula, Alberta "Mili'aulani Newalu Young" a former Executive Housekeeper at Mauna Lani Resort in Waikoloa, Hawaii!  

Studied Reiki Energy Work, by Master Susan Sluys of Wailua, Kauai. Lineage of Dr. Usui.


My abilities:               *Hula & Tahitian dance and drum workshop facilitator.             

                                 *Reiki Practitioner -  Certified  

                                 *Housekeeping and Hawaiian blessings of Homes and Businesses.

                                 *Hawaiian Mana Cards Intuitive Readings / Counseling.

Interviewed by Japanese Magazine 2018

Featured on Guided By Spirit with Kealohaleimakamae Eklund, 'Olelo Station Honolulu, Hawaii

Recorded percussionist on Guided By Spirit teachings

Interviewed by Vision Magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada

Taro (Kalo) 
is an indigenous plant of our ancestors