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Welcome to Tutu's Taro!

Tutu is the name for grandparent in the Hawaiian 'ohana family system. Hawaiian Tutu are well respected for their wisdom and spiritual knowledge beyond their earthly years. 

Mo'olelo is an oral account of an event, person, place or thing.  The story of the ancient Hawaiian ancestor HALOA; according to the Kumulipo or creation chant, was the first born from KALO or Taro root. You may have tasted a dish called Poi at a Lu'au feast. It's made with boiled Taro root and fresh wai island water.

*Hawaiian Proverb:  "E kanu mea 'ai o nana keiki i ka ha'i"

Plant the edible (taro) plants, lest your children look longing for someone else's.

'Olelo No'eau, Mary Kawena Pukui

Hawaiians are natural story tellers that channel information from the past and future into the here and now.  Kahealani a native Hawaiian practitioner, shares that psychic abilities are an integral part or way of life in our everyday existence.  It is rather fascinating to be on a collection of volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean that exudes electromagnetic energy or Mana. Each Hawaiian island has its' own unique mana rhythm.  Daily, those who are able to receive messages or telepathic signals are in communication with each islands' spiritual energies.