Tutu's Taro 

Hawaiian Spiritual Arts 

Welcome to Tutu's Taro!

My name is Kahealani originally from O'ahu, Hawaii. Relocated to Kaua'i Island since 2010! I am a retired dance instructor formerly with Tiare Apetahi Polynesia. Studied under many hula greats and kahuna pule.

Taro (Kalo) is the indigenous plant of our Hawaiian ancestors and now am a Tutu (Grandparent).   

Services offered:

*A Kauai Island Wedding Officiant/Kahuna Pule (Minister) performing weddings since 2016.   Simple and affordable weddings. For elaborate Hawaiian Ceremonial style please inquire. 

*Mana Card Reader and a honorary author.

*Mana Energy Healer - NOW offering sessions for healing energy work for the soul. Emotional healing and clearing available. Proxy healing energy work for the body to anywhere in the world!  I am just a phone call or email away!

Anything is possible when you truly believe!  

Donations and Barter system accepted for any services.