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Hawaiian Spiritual, Dance & Cultural Arts

Tiare Apetahi Blossom...  is a rare flower that only grows on Mt. Temahani on Raiatea island.  We were given this name by a Tahitian drummer in the 1970's as it was our first year at the Kauai Tahiti Fete.  Our 'ori dance style is unique like the blossom. Kahealani is the originator of dancing Tahitian on the toes in the early 1980's which is known worldwide.  However, we firmly believe in the traditional style of Tamau or old style.  Feet flat on the floor, straight back and knees bent.

With the traditional style of dancing 'ori flat footed, your mor'e or hau skirt will have big circles that would lift the entire hip belt that is wrapped over the skirt and is evident that this particular style is the original root of the dance.