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Hula Basic Steps

Ha'a - Dancers stand with knees bent. This is the basic stance from which other hula steps begin.

Lewa - Literally translated at "lift", this step involves lifting the hips.

Kâholo - This step involves performing a lewa while traveling. The dancer first steps to one side and follow with the opposite foot. He steps to the same side again. However, when he follows with the opposite foot, he doesn't place his weight on it, preparing to change directions.

Hela - One of the most basic movements of the feet, for hela, a dancer touches right foot forward while weight remains on the other foot and the dancer maintains the bent-knee stance. She returns the foot to the starting position and repeats with the other side.

Ka'o / Ne’e - The dancer sways hips side to side.

'Ami - This is a basic hip rotation with multiple variations. We are using the half moon. Where your hips go around back and cuts across.

‘Ami kuku – 2 large ‘ami and 3 fast little ones.

'Uwehe - The dancer lifts one foot and moves her weight to the opposite hip when stepping down. She then raises both heels to push the knees forward and repeats these movements on the opposite side.

Kalakaua - The first foot taps with the heel keeping the toes in one place while the other foot steps forward and backwards for two or more repetitions. The feet are reversed and the step is repeated.